Still Kickin started with a t-shirt. A thrift store t-shirt Aaron Purmort bought when he was in high school. He was wearing this t-shirt the day he had a seizure. A seizure that turned out to be brain cancer. Really bad brain cancer. (We’re not saying some brain cancers are good, of course. Just that Aaron’s really sucked.)

The message on that green t-shirt became a motto of sorts for Aaron and his family -- including his wife, Nora -- during his three years of cancer treatment. Even random strangers on the internet were adopting the Still Kickin mantra (proof that not all online strangers are trolls).

After Aaron’s death, Nora searched for a way to honor him and help others at the same time. Most people don’t have a few hundred bucks to spare when emergencies come up (and obviously most emergencies cost way more than just a few hundred bucks). So Nora teamed up with her friend Lindsay, printed a few dozen copies of Aaron’s favorite Still Kickin t-shirt, sold them like hotcakes and donated the proceeds to another family in need. 


Today, these two words create a safety net for other awesome people who find themselves going through awful things. Every month, we choose a Still Kickin Hero. We share their story of struggle and strength and give them the proceeds from our merchandise sales, donation-based workouts and other events held both in the Twin Cities area and around the country.

Still Kickin started with a t-shirt, but it’s become much more. It’s a way to show the world that whatever tough stuff comes your way, you’re ready to kick it in the you-know-what.