It started with a tee shirt.

Aaron was a good guy. Nope, a great guy. The kind of guy who made other people feel like they were great. 

When he had a seizure on Halloween 2011, he was wearing this Still Kickin shirt. Or, a similar one. One he'd bought at a thrift store in high school. It was one of his most treasured possessions. 

After that first seizure, Aaron spent 3 years in treatment for brain cancer, and the message on this shirt became a motto for him. And for his friends, family and strangers from the internet. 

Now, this shirt creates a safety net for other awesome people who find themselves going through something awful. 

Every month, we choose a Still Kickin Hero. We share their story of struggle and strength, and give them the profits from our retail sales and from donation-based workouts with small gyms around the country. I know from experience that many small acts of generosity add up to something so much bigger, and that we are all so much stronger than we think we are. 

This isn't just a t-shirt. It's a symbol to the world that whatever comes your way, you're ready to kick it right in the nuts. Because we all go through something, and we are all Still Kickin. Even if some days it seems harder.

Each month, we'll be using money from our sales and events to help support a new Still Kickin Hero. Know someone who would want to be Still Kickin Hero? Apply here.