Still Kickin Hero Recap: August 2015

August 2015 was our first official month as like, a thing. A real thing. And, we did real things. 

Thank you! With your purchases, participation in events and general good vibes, we were able to provide Scott's family with over $2,000 to pay for whatever they might need.


Read Scott's Story.

Meet Scott. A husband. A dad of 4. A crossfit junkie. A man with a brain tumor.

Scott was another young guy, a father of four and with the same brand of brain tumor Aaron had. He wore his Still Kickin shirt to every appointment (even when it smelled, apologies to his wife), he was a bad ass Crossfit guy AND coordinated a fundraiser for the American Brain Tumor Association via his awesome site.

Scott died on August 4, 2015.

Scott was the definition of Still Kickin, and your shirt purchase in July will go directly to him, his four lovely children and his strong, beautiful wife. We don't all have brain tumors (phew) but we all have something to overcome, and a reason to keep going.

You can still read Scott's blog for more information or follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

If you can relate to this story, we are sorry; but we'd also like to help. Please reach out to us to be considered for one of our Still Kickin beneficiaries.

Check out others we've helped on our Still Kickin blog.

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