Helping humans and managing money (I only like one of these things)

Still Kickin is so young. It's like, not even a toddler yet. It's just a little itty bitty baby at two months old. But it's done so much more than I did when I was two months old. Like, it's supported two awesome families who were going through some really hard things. It's gotten over 100 people to come to donation-based workouts. It's a company, which is cool because how many babies do you know that are companies? Like, very few. Very few.

So, I feel good about it. And for the most part so does my accountant but at some point (immediately) she was like, ummmmmmmmm you maybe need to have a more formal way of giving away money. And I was like, oh, of course, I'll get a tuxedo. And she said, yes, AND you should have perhaps a non-profit or maybe a managed fund.

I looked into non-profits and wow, guys. They are a lot of work and I recently slept in my sweatshirt and then wore it to work the next day. I have enough work to do. I just want to give people money, can somebody make that easy?

The answer is, YES!

It turns out maybe establishing a non-profit won't be *so* hard. And maybe it will be worth the work.

We'll find out, because that's what we're applying for right now.

It means that any donation you make to us will be tax-exempt. It means that if you work for a big company in town, maybe something that rhyme with Blarget or Bleneral Blills or Blargill, they can give us money, too! We'll take that money, we'll put it in a swimming pool, and then let people who need some money just take a scoop and bring it home.

My lawyer and accountant have advised me to delete that last sentence.

Anyway, there we are! We started as a shirt, we became a company, and now we'll be a non-profit. There will always be more humans to help, and we'll be there to help them. To build a more supportive and encouraging world, one tee shirt, one workout, one human at a time.

PS-- this is going to be so much work! If you want to help, email


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