Happy Birthday, Us!

 Well, that went fast.

Well, that went fast.

It's been one year since Still Kickin became a thing.

In that year, we've seen our shirts pop up in 44 states, 10 countries, 5 continents.

We've hosted hundreds of people at 20 workouts in 6 states.

We've heard what these two words mean to thousands of you.

We've helped 12 awesome people through the worst life has handed them, and we've tripled our monthly Hero gift in just a year.

We’ve done all of this our way – with a non-traditional non-profit model we built around 2 words that can represent anyone’s struggle, success and resilience. It’s a non-profit brand? A non-profit retail experience? A non-profit community? It’s all of this, and all of us, and we’re really, really glad to have you be a part of it.

For 2016, we have big plans to help more people more meaningfully. 

The monthly gifts we give our Heroes are based on our retail sales and event attendance—and in the last year,we’re proud to have tripled the amount of the gift we’re able to give our Heroes.

The workouts, tshirts, and general enthusiasm go a long way to help us support our heroes—and today, we’re asking you to help us all year long.

Become a Still Kickin Sustainer. Your gift of $25/month will help us raise the bar on how much we’re able to provide our heroes. And if we reach 250 people at the $25/month level, we’ll be well on our way to developing a consistent, sustainable fund to ensure we can help our heroes as much as possible in our next 12 months.

Will you help us help more Heroes? Become a Still Kickin Sustainer now.



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