Accomplish Your Goals (And Help A Human Out At The Same Time!)

Still Kickin helps awesome people who are going through something awful.

We do that because awesome people help us make it happen. They rock our gear. They show up to our workouts. They know what it means to be Still Kickin, and they give a care about other people.

Not everyone can go to our monthly workouts. Not everyone needs another piece of gear. (Really? Who are you?! Just kidding. It’s fine.) But everyone has a goal. Everyone can do something.

We want to encourage you to do your “something” this year.

We started this Crowdrise campaign to help you set -- and achieve -- your goal while helping a human out in the process.


  1. Pick your goal for 2017. Want to walk 500 miles? Run a 5k? Go 365 days without smoking? Whatever your goal, we believe in you.

  2. Sign up for a fundraiser on Crowdrise. When you do, select "Raise Money For Charity." 

  3. Make your profile. Set a fundraising goal of your choice.

  4. Go kick 2017 right in the throat.

  5. Feel good about yourself.

  6. Feel good about helping others.

Here's another way to look at it. You know how marathoners often raise money for a nonprofit during their training? And then that nonprofit receives the proceeds after that person *slays* that marathon?

In this scenario, you choose your figurative "marathon," and Still Kickin is the nonprofit. (Metaphors are fun!)

We’ll be here to offer you support -- sharing your story with the Still Kickin community and giving you a high five when we see you IRL.

Other ways you can use Crowdrise and help out Still Kickin include:

- Birthdays. You don't want gifts, but your friends bring gifts anyway. Every. Single. Time. Ask them to donate to your Crowdrise, instead!

- Weddings. You have everything you need for your new home and don't want a traditional registry. Ask your party-goers to contribute to Crowdrise, instead! One amazing couple did this last year, and we were so grateful.

Now GO OUT THERE and KILL IT. You are amazing.

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