We're Hiring! Assistant Manager @ MOA Marketplace

Still Kickin is coming back to the Mall of America! And to help us run the show, we’re hiring a seasonal assistant manager.

Who We Are

Still Kickin is a non-profit retail brand that provides monetary and emotional support to awesome people who are going through awful things.

What does that mean, exactly?

Each month, we chose a deserving person, family or organization -- a Still Kickin Hero. We share their story of struggle and strength, without pity, and we give them the proceeds from our retail sales and donation-based workouts and events.

We’re building a braver, more supportive world -- one shirt, one workout, one person at a time.


This is a seasonal, part-time position.

  • 3 full days per week at MOA RAAS Marketplace (two weekdays, one weekend day)
  • 2 half pays per week at MOA RAAS Marketplace

*Note: These days will be opposite of the general manager, but weekly check-ins will be required.

Hour Requirements & Term

32 hours per week, Nov. 9th - Feb. 9th


Mall of America RAAS Holiday Marketplace



Goal of Position

  • Run the RAAS Marketplace at MOA under the direction of the General Manager.
  • Share the Still Kickin story and mission with customers.
  • Ultimately, sell a bunch of merchandise to support our Still Kickin Heroes!

Skills Needed

A little of this and a little of that. It would be awesome if you:

  • Know how to tell the Still Kickin story in a way that leads to increased sales.
  • Aren’t shy. You'll be at the front of the Marketplace and will need to greet people as they come in. In addition, you’ll be working with our customers, founder, COO and a handful of remote volunteers and board members, all of whom are passionate about what we’re doing.
  • Are good at spreadsheets and stuff -- ugh, numbers! If you can help us keep track of sales and inventory, that would be a big help.
  • Have a point of view and aren’t afraid to share it with us.

Position Tasks

Your primary tasks will include:

  • Acting as the assistant manager for the Still Kickin store in the RAAS Marketplace on days when the general manager is not present.
  • Scheduling and communicating with store staffers and volunteers.
  • Helping to find solutions if/when staffers and volunteers are unable to make their shifts.
  • Sharing the Still Kickin story with customers and engaging with them to facilitate sales.
  • Helping to manage store inventory and alerting general manager when more is needed.
  • Other things we haven’t thought about yet!


Send us a note at hello@stillkickin.co to get the conversation started.

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