Hero Update: Jackson Poulos

Jackson Poulos, our January 2017 Hero, underwent major surgery a little over a month ago to remove the tumor in his abdomen. He’s doing extremely well, “far surpassing anybody’s expectations as to where he’d be at this point,” according to his parents. Jackson is able to eat by mouth again but also receives feedings via gastrostomy tubes overnight.

In a post on Jackson’s Facebook page, his parents wrote: “There is a sense of relief now that the Houston trip is over and we are all together again. However, the road ahead is still long and arduous."

Though Jackson’s doctor is confident she was able to remove the entire tumor during surgery, Jackson has started another round of chemo to take care of any potential leftover cancer cells (because rhabdomyosarcoma is nasty stuff). He’ll then undergo radiation.

“We are hoping that he tolerates this next phase well and that he's able be a normal, crazy 5-year-old," his parents say.

May the force be with you, Jackson! 




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