Why We Sweat

Monthly workouts have been a major part of Still Kickin's mission since the very beginning. We collaborate with various gyms and fitness studios to bring folks a fun, welcoming (and typically very sweaty) experience.

It's a win-win, really. By signing up for one of our workouts, you provide a bit of financial assistance to a person in need and in exchange are rewarded with a rush of endorphins and other feel-good feels. Way more fun than just writing a check, right? (Though, if you wanted to write us a check for a million dollars, we sure as heck would take that, too.)

If you've attended one (or way more than one) of our workouts before, AWESOME -- we love you so damn much. If you've always wanted to join but have been too nervous, we feel you. Workout classes can be super intimidating. Ours are different. When we say "all levels of fitness and experience are welcome," we're absolutely serious. 

We teamed up with Maribeth Romslo and several of our partner gyms to further explain why workout events are and always will be the backbone of our organization.

Check out the Still Kickin website for a list of our upcoming workout events. We can't wait to sweat with you! (Is that weird? Oh well.)

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