Hero Update: Darth Vader

Darth Vader, our November 2016 Hero, underwent a long-awaited, life-changing amputation surgery a couple of months ago. Since then, he's completed five triathlons and is going after his sixth this weekend.

No, that's not a typo.

Not one.

Not five.

Six triathlons

We'd say we're surprised by this feat, but we're really not. And if you knew Darth, you wouldn't be, either. 

"Two big words I use in my life are 'adapt' and 'cope,'" Darth says. "You really have to have the mindset of being flexible -- mentally and physically -- to be able to adapt and be able to cope to your situation."

Though he's incredibly grateful for the support he's received over the past few months, Darth also feels pressure to prove himself. (We think he's already proven himself a thousand times over, but that's just us.)

"You want to succeed, because although there have been amputees thousands of years before me, there are also amputees who are going to be here after me," he says. "So I take that responsibility like being a parent — leading by example."

Darth hopes to complete his 100th Tough Mudder by 2018. And if he were anyone else, we'd probably scoff at this.

But he's not.

And we're not. 

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