Thank You, Wit & Delight And Article!

Few things make us happier than seeing our Heroes smile. So when another organization tells us they want to do something nice for one of our Heroes, we pretty much melt into a puddle.

A few months ago, we shared the great news that our December 2016 Hero, Roshee, had moved into a new home. And if you remember Roshee's story, you understand why this was such a big deal. We were so thrilled for Roshee, her wife and her sons when we heard the news.

Well, the folks at Wit & Delight and Article were thrilled to hear the news, too. So they decided to gift Roshee a dining room makeover as a housewarming gift. JUST BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE DESERVING. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

(Sorry about the ALL CAPS. We are just that excited.)

In true Roshee form, she initially insisted she didn't need anything (and that another family may be in greater need). Maybe a table and chairs, so her family could enjoy a meal together. But that's it. 

Spoiler alert: Wit & Delight and Article didn't listen. Instead, they outfitted Roshee and her family with quite possibly the dreamiest dining room we've ever seen. 

But don't take our word for it. Check out the "after" photos on Wit & Delight (plus a bonus conversation with Roshee). 

Thank you, Wit & Delight and Article, for your kindness. 

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