frequently asked quEstions

How can I sign up myself or someone I know to become a Still Kickin Hero?

You can fill out this simple form that will notify Still Kickin where we can review and begin a conversation with you about the process.

How do you choose a Still Kickin Hero?

Applications are reviewed each month by our board and selected by their story, need and alignment with the Still Kickin way of life.

Do I have to have brain cancer to apply to be a Still Kickin Hero?


Do I have to have some kind of cancer to apply?


How much money can a Still Kickin Hero get?

Our financial gifts are based on sales. More sales = more money for our Heroes.

I'm a gym owner -- can I host one of the monthly events? 

Probably! Email and we'll talk.

What is the sizing like?

Our cotton t-shirts are standard American Apparel sizing. Which, if you're a woman, is small as hell. Unisex shirts and sweatshirts are more true to size but typically run on the slimmer side of cut. So take a look at the sizing chart to help find the most appropriate size.

How does shipping work for pre-orders vs. regular items?

Typically, pre-orders are launched on the 1st of the month and closed on the 15th of the month. At that point, the order is put into production and takes about two weeks. You will get your pre-orders the beginning of the following month.

Oh, and if you order a pre-order with a regular item, they will ship together when the pre-order is complete.

What if I ordered too late but want my money to go to last month's Hero?

Unfortunately, our accountants don't want us mixing up funds month-to-month. If you'd like your money to go to another month's Hero and they have their own donation pages set up, we would be happy to share that information. But our goals are to raise funds for this month's Hero.

What if I need to exchange something?

First, try really hard to pick a size/item that will work for you. Being a small non-profit, facilitating exchanges is a lot for us. But if you absolutely must ask for an exchange, make sure you send it back from whence it came, which is a warehouse in Pittsburgh.

Clockwise Fulfillment

400 N Lexington St. Suite LL 119

Pittsburgh, PA 15208.

We're located in Minneapolis, but the shirts aren't, so don't try to send it to like, Nora's house or something.

Can I get a refund?

Being a non-profit, every item you buy or workout you sign up for is categorized as a donation to that month's Hero. Asking for a refund is like asking for your donation back. And unfortunately, we can't really do that.

What's this whole thing all about?

Start here, my friends.