Building a braver, more supportive world.

One shirt, one workout, one person at a time. 

We are an organization that cultivates a culture of support for people experiencing something terrible in their life. We elevate stories of struggle and resilience. And we celebrate the fact that we are all Still Kickin.

wear your still kickin pride

Your Still Kickin purchase gives you two words of encouragement and shares it with everyone you meet. And on top of that it helps a person or family that really needs it–every single month.

Pick up an original. Check out our special collaborations. Add wear it with pride. Because you are Still Kickin.

sweat with the still kickin community

From Barre Class to Strength Training we work with partner gyms to get different types of sweat based activities on our calendar. Because those who sweat together, help a human out together.

Meet ella - our february still kickin hero

Ella is a 9 year old who's smile and enthusiasm for life overshadow her extremely rare chromosomal disorder called trisomy 12p.