We are thrilled to be the nonprofit of the night with Minnesota United on Saturday, June 11th!

Come watch a great match between MN United and Miami all while helping awesome humans get through awful things.

What you need to know:

Tickets cost $35 and includes a bunch of great stuff! You will get...


This ticket will get you a seat in the best section* at the National Sports Center.

* It will be the best because it will be filled with others from our wonderful Still Kickin community. And who wouldn't want to sit there?

To get one of these tickets do this

1. Click this link - but wait... keep reading before you click.

2. Put in one of the following PROMO CODES

SKTEE - For a Unisex Tee

SKWTEE - For a Women's Tee

SKTANK - For a Unisex Tank

SKWTANK - For a Women's Tank

3. Choose the size you want. Add more ticket types by adding in another promo code on the main page. The system will try to sit you all together... but let's be honest... if it has to split you, we're all good humans - so I'm sure we can figure it out!

4. Purchase!


... or tank top! You choose. We have done a super cool collaboration design with MN United and it is a special one-of-a-kind piece of merchandise. We will be handing out the shirts when you get to the game. Just show us your ticket and we'll get you a shirt.


Wow. Our friends at Minnesota Power Yoga will be putting on their famous YOD class. This includes a little yoga, and some HIIT training, followed by some yoga to cool down - all in a quick 45 minute - pre-match class!

This class will take place at the practice field to the right of the stadium (from the parking lot). Class starts at 6p and goes until 6:45p so you have enough time to get to your seats after grabbing a pre-match food truck find!

What are you waiting for?